HZ- DG HP Touchless Car Wash Equipment - automatic touchless car wash machine
HONZO company is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in research and development of automatic car wash equipment. We constantly changes its thinking and making the designed products more professional. Innovation is the source of a product's persistence and an important guarantee for an enterprise to flourish and prosper. In past nine years, HONZO company has continuously transformed customer needs into technological innovations on car wash machines. These innovative designs not only bring more excellent cleaning result, and also help car wash owners increase revenue.

HZ- DG Touchless Car Wash Technical Parameters:
Item Parameters/Process/Brand/ Consumption Item Parameters/Process/Brand/ Consumption
Equipment dimensions 3600*1450*3100mm High pressure nozzle American SPRAY 316 hardened stainless steel
Rail length >=9000mm Longitudinal motor/reducer Import from Italy (waterproof lp67)
Total power 28kw/35kw Lifting flushing motor/reducer Import from Italy (waterproof lp67)
Shipping weight >=3500kg Lifting rotary motor/reducer Import from Italy (waterproof lp67)
Shipping volume 18.5CBM Lifting air-drying motor/reducer Import from Italy (waterproof lp67)
Power requirements 22kw Wheel brush motor/reducer Import from Italy (waterproof lp67)
Control system PLC Delta industrial control Air-drying aluminum motor 4*4kw Import from Italy (waterproof lp67)
Electrical components French Schneider Wind drum/Impeller Galvanized sheet + electrophoresis + spray (outdoor plastic powder)
Frequency conversion drive system Germany Siemens Frame sheet metal anti-rust process Electrophoresis + spray (outdoor plastic powder)
Water pump Pinfl Wuli (import) Frame sheet metal manufacturing standard 3-4mm picking plate whole bent without welding
Water pump motor Germany Siemens 18.5kw/22kw Contour-following lifting and flushing device 304 stainless steel
Drive bearing Japan NSK Bearings Rails 32*32 solid square steel
High pressure hose American Packer High pressure steering control valve Import from USA
Engineering towline German IGUS (import) HIMI 10 inch Delta color touch screen
Towline cable German IGUS (import) Pneumatic components Taiwan AirTAC
Lifting timing belt Italy MEGADYNE Power consumption/Water consumption 0.8-1.2KwH/Car, 120-200L/Car
Sensor German P+F/Italy MICRO DETECTORS Chemical consumption RMB1.5-3/Car
Key Features:
1. Contour-following high pressure rinse.
2. Contour-following air dryer.
3. Contour-following chemical application.
4. Bi-directional rotational wheel scrubbing.
5. High pressure swing side rinse. ( optional )
6. Frequency conversion silent air dryer. ( optional )
1. Contour-following chemical application and high pressure wash.
2. Contour-following air dryer with side air dryer.

3. Bi-directional rotational wheel scrubbing.

4. Over-glow lave foam with spot free RO water rinse(optional)

5. 24 hours Self-Service Online Paying
HZ-DG 3D drawing.

HZ-DG Configuration
Configuration Standard Smart Luxury Configuration Standard Smart Luxury
Contour-following high pressure rinse [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] Scan code 24 hours self service car wash service [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
High pressure side rinse [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] Cloud remote monitoring [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
High pressure swing side rinse [ ] [ ] [鈭氣垰] APP background management [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
Contour-following air-drying [ ] [鈭氣垰] [鈭歖 LED arrow tips [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
Frequency conversion mute air-drying system [ ] [ ] [鈭氣垰] LED large screen car wash process display [ ] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
Fixed air-drying [鈭氣垰] [ ] [鈭歖 Language guidance smart parking [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
Wheel brush [ ] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] Touch screen console [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
Intelligent chemical mixing system [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] Remote control operation [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
Soft water wax coating [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] Permission setting [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
Reverse water osmosis function [ ] [ ] [鈭氣垰] Car wash quantity report statistics [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
Over-glow lava foam system [ ] [ ] [鈭氣垰] Automatic standby function [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
Contour-following flushing anti-collision ring [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] Fault self test function [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰]
Contour-following air-drying anti-collision ring [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] Water recycling system [ ] [ ] [鈭氣垰]
Digital security anti-collision system [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] [鈭氣垰] Reverse Osmosis water equipment [ ] [ ] [鈭氣垰]
Explanation: standard [鈭氣垰] optional [ ] choose one of two [鈭歖
Strictly design and produce according with European and American standards, keep improving and pursue zero-fault quality goals.
HZ- DG Dimension Diagram

Item Measurement Remark Specification Shipping volume
A Max car wash height 2100mm Main machine polywood case 3600*1450*3100
B Max car wash width 2100mm Water pump polywood case 1340*900*600
C Machine width 3600mm Control box polywood case 460*950*1600
D Machine height 3100mm Towline support 320*120*4200
E Mounting width >=4150mm Installation room min width 4050mm Rails 32*32*9000
F Mounting height >=3200mm Accessory Pipes fittings and other accessories
G rail mounting length (standard) >=9000mm
H Towline mounting height 2500mm Car Wash Machine

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