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  • How do you get the perfect eyebrow shape?


    It seems not, but just a little shape, a good eyebrow waxing and a little mascara on eyelashes along with a perfect care of your health, accentuates the face more and makes it more attractive by defining its lines and expressions more. This is not vanity,…

  • Which vitamins help hair growth?


    Vitamins are often vital for improving hair growth and reducing hair loss, read on to learn how you can grow it naturally. When we get older it is usually normal to lose hair. In the case of women, they usually present signs of this hair deficiency,…

  • Eliminate sagging with this homemade cream


    Sagging is an aesthetic problem that can make us feel insecure with our body, especially at times where the skin is most exposed and this problem can be noticed, such as visits to the pool or the beach. For this reason, there are many recipes for homemade…

  • Repercussion of stress on the skin


    The skin and the central nervous system come from the same cellular tissue, the ectodermic, one of the three primitive layers that make up the embryo. It is therefore not surprising that the skin is closely linked to the nervous system. Factors such as…

  • Can a green smoothie reverse gray hair?


    A green smoothie is a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables, mixed together for a nutrient-packed breakfast, lunch or snack, but it can also be very beneficial in reversing gray hair naturally. They are very good and useful for weight loss, colon health,…