Copper-free environmentally friendly silver mirrors: also known as copper-free silver-plated glass mirrors, environmentally friendly mirrors, copper-free and lead-free mirrors and other large raw material mirror plates and lenses, the lead content is less than 60PPM;
Our Service
Raw mirror, Silver mirror, Aluminum mirror, Safety Mirror, Processed mirror etc
Glass ColorsClear, ultra clear, bronze, euro grey, dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, etc.
Back Paint ColorGrey, Blue, Green, White, etc.
Minimum size300mmx300mm
Maximum size3660mmx2440mm
Packing Explanation
1.Wood crates:
Fastness, burliness, easy and security to put and fetch pieces, every box is loaded around 2.5 tons. It is applicable in the area of loading and discharge equipment imperfect, manpower charges lower.
2.End cap:
Beautiful appearance, opening convenience, saving timber, every box is loaded with around 2 tons. It is applicable the area in mechanization degree high, man power cost higher.
3.Prevent mildew paper, Prevent mildew powder and plastic film
There are preventing mildew paper or powder between every two pieces of glass, every box inner side is closed completely with plastic film, it can prevent water and mildew.
4.Metal band
The boxes were fasted by high quality metal band outer, it is safe in loading and discharge, applicable train, container and cargo vessel.COPPER FREE MIRROR for sale

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