Technology parameters
Label width20-175mm
Label Length20-200mm
Application to the bottlelength: 20mm锝?50mm
Out diameter of label roll鈮の?00mm
Inner diameter of label roll蠁76mm
Labeling speed30-200 pcs/min
Size (L *W* H)3000 mm * 1450 mm * 1600 mm

Note: before buying machine, please state what label materials.

Product description锛?/strong>
MT-500 is mainly suitable for single-label and double-label automatic positioning and labeling of cylindrical packaging containers or small taper conical packaging containers in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and other industries.
The machine is highly expandable! It can be equipped with various printers to complete online real-time printing. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or connected to a production line.It is widely used in cosmetics, household chemicals, electronics, pharmaceutics, hardware,plastic and other industries.

1.The step or the servo motor system.
2.Clutch design, make the label tension force more stable, and easy to improve labeling precision.
3.Advanced color man-machine interface control system.
4.PLC control, high reliability.
5.Use Germany, Japan magic eye.
6.Machine structure is simple, compact, easy to operation and maintenance.
7.Can add ribbon typewriter, or heat transfer machine and automatic send bottle opener (optional).
8.Flexible application, it can work independently or connect to the production line, automatic detection of product, unmanned production is achievable.
9.Intelligent control, automatic optoelectronic tracking, suspend labeling without work-piece,stop running and sounding alarm without labels, which effectively avoid wastes.Automatic Labeling Machine

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