High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection gas heat conduction oil boiler
Boiler specifications: 3 million, 6 million, 8 million, 12 million, 18 million, etc.
Hebei Hongze Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of heat-conducting oil boilers. Thermal conductivity oil boiler is divided into: gas thermal conductivity oil boiler, biomass thermal conductivity oil boiler, burning orchid carbon thermal conductivity oil boiler. This furnace has compact structure, beautiful appearance, good performance, simple operation, high thermal efficiency, long service life and simple installation.
Iii. Product Introduction:
Gas heat - conducting oil boiler is made of heavy oil. Light oil or flammable liquid as fuel. Heat conduction oil is the heat carrier. Use circulating oil pump to force liquid phase circulation. Transfer heat to the thermal equipment. Then return to the reheated direct flow special industrial furnace. Widely used as in petrochemicals. Textiles. Printing and dyeing. Plastics. Rubber. Food processing. Wood processing. Asphalt is heated. Carton production. Dehydrate vegetables. The lacquer that bake. Casting sand mold drying and so on.
The gas heat - conducting oil furnace is an assembly - type vertical fuel - oil (gas) boiler with forced circulation. The heating surface of this series boiler body is compact in structure. The heating surface is composed of inner and outer discs, the inner coil is the radiation heating surface, and the outer coil and the outer surface of the inner coil constitute the convection heating surface. The boiler consists of the upper body and the lower combustion chamber, which are combined on site. After full combustion in the combustion chamber, most of the heat is absorbed by the radiation heating surface, the high-temperature flue gas enters the convective heating surface for heat transfer, and after it leaves the boiler, the air needed for boiler combustion is heated in the air preheater, and then the flue gas is sent to the chimney by an induced draft fan through the dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere. The automatic oil-fired heat conduction oil boiler.
Application field: gas-fired heat-conducting oil boiler is a boiler product based on fuel oil. It is a kind of boiler and is the mainstream boiler product at present, occupying an important market position. Gas-fired heat-conducting oil boilers are mainly used for industrial production needs, such as chemical industry, metallurgy, clothing, papermaking, petroleum and other industries.
Iv. Efficient and considerate service:
Pre-sales service: technical consultation at any time, patient guidance and communication;
Sales service: help customers to design layout, reasonable layout and guide the construction.
After-sales service: always pay attention to and help every customer solve all the problems in the process of using our products.Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler quotation

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