Product NameFlexible Gravity Single Steel Roller Telescopic Table Conveyor
ModelsSingle Steel roller type
Length(Closed/Expended)2000mm - 4800mm (6.6'-15.7')2500mm - 6000mm (8.2'-20')
Width400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 18'', 24''
Height (Adjustable)620-990mm (24.4''-39'')710-1120mm (28''-44'')
Load Capacity300kg/m (200lbs/ft)
Roller脴50mm Steel Roller With Precision Bearing Inside
Key Wordfree roller conveyor table
Adjustable Movable Conveyor for Carbon Box
1.Dia.50mm plastic roller used.
2.Portable, expandable conveyors allow you to quickly create a temporary conveyor line where you require it. Just extend and curvethe conveyor to meet your needs.
3.In order to extend conveyor length,joint hooks easily connect additional conveyors or other machines.
4.Ribbed galvanized steel plate with rivet connecting.
5.Package stooper prevent boxes and can be lowered if required for storage when not in use.
6.The leg can adjustable height through the screw,Dia.4'' swivel castors w/brake are used.They stand firmly when handing
package.Dia.5'' castors also available.Adjustable Roller Conveyor for sale

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