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Performing yoga at home can have many benefits for those who practice it, in addition to being an activity that can be done in a small place, it can also be practiced at any time of the day, so doing it at home has many more advantages to avoid stop practicing yoga for a single day.
Why should you practice yoga at home when there are a large number of centers and instructors with all the knowledge and ready to guide you? The advantage of a home practice is that you will always have it available for when you need it. Without a schedule, without being rejected because arriving 15 minutes late, you also avoid the stress of the rush to get there. That in itself is reason enough to consider practicing this discipline at home.
To do yoga at home, some important recommendations should be taken into account such as total concentration, not being distracted with pending tasks; exclusive time, at least 20 minutes for three days a week; be very consistent, choose a nice corner where nobody bothers and you can use candles for an environment that encourages greater relaxation.
How to practice yoga at home
Among the postures to perform at home during yoga practice, the following stand out, very simple and easy to perform, although you can add the one that you consider of greater or less difficulty, depending on your physical condition and experience.
1- Dog position
Downward facing dog provides flexibility. Get on all fours and stretch your arms forward, little by little, lifting your hips up, stretch your legs as much as you can. Take five breaths. If you feel a lot of weight or discomfort in your wrists, slightly bend your legs by lifting your buttocks. With practice you will stretch your legs to the maximum.
2- The bridge
The bridge also helps you promote flexibility in the body. Lie down straight, looking up. At this point you can perform a breathing exercise by inhaling for five seconds, holding for ten seconds, and exhaling for ten seconds.
Repeat several times. Then raise your hips as far as you can, leaning on your well-stretched arms and shoulders, under your body and with your hands clasped. Hold from shoulder to elbow while doing a new cycle of breathing or holding for ten seconds. You rest and repeat.
3- Upavishtha Konasana or stretching
Seated forward flexion, this position can be a bit difficult at first; but with practice it will be perfect in no time. Sit with your back straight and your legs together and straight. Do a little breathing. Then spread your legs about 90 ° or as far as you can, so that they are completely in contact with your mat.
The back should be kept stretched and as straight as possible, until bringing the palms of the hand in front of you and between the free space left by the legs so that they touch the ground, stretch until you cannot and perform an inhalation breathing cycle, hold on and exhale.
4- The cobra
The Cobra removes tension in the lower back and balances the flow of sexual energy with umbilical energy. Lie face down with your legs straight, placing your palms down, touching the ground and at shoulder height, lift your upper body, push with your arms and throw your head and back back. Hold a few seconds and repeat.
Remember at the end of each session you must end with a resting position.

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